The Social Tech Academy is the reference programme for the promotion of digital skills and professions in the Social Economy and civil society in the European Union.

As digital technology is the business of all to help solve social issues, find here all the contents needed to have a better impact on them. Find out about inspiring experts, follow online training modules, or join collaborative training courses!


Research and framework

The Social Tech Academy project started with a study on how the digital skills in the social economy could be enhanced. Discover our work’s conclusions.

Training of trainers

Discover here soon the contents available to help social economy trainers to provide digital upskilling resources.

An open data project

The contents related to the Social Tech Academy are open and free for all. It means that their free access and re-use by all is guaranteed, without technical, legal or financial restrictions.

Together to upskill you

Videos, toolbox, job descriptions: find many different contents on the Social Tech Academy that will help you solve the social issues that matter for you. 

Made by European actors

Four organisations from four different countries were committed to create the Social Tech Academy to help many to better frame the digital social economy.


target publics

workers involved


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